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Stickers By Subscription

Stickers By Subscription

Excluding Sales Tax

Subscription Details:

  •  In the first week after every quarter the subscriber will receive, by mail, stickers of all* races he or she has participated in and that is listed in at leaset one of the internet databases: 

- UltraSignUp



* 5k, 10k, Half-Marathon are not included. 

If you want to have the 5k, 10k and Half-Marathon, or any other one not listed under the above databases, please contact us at or at +1904-866-0466. 

  •  Shipping is included in the subscription. 
  • Shipment dates:
    Orders Placed on:
    1) Jan, 1st to Mar 31st: 1st week of April
    2) Apr 1st to Jun 30th: 1st week of July
    3) Jul 1st to Sep 30th: 1st week of October
    4) Oct 1st to Dec 30th: 1st week of January 
Price Options
Stickers To Go
$24.00every year until canceled
  • Subscription Policies

    You can cancel your subscription at any time.

    The internet platform charges a U$15.00 for any refund request, therefore, a U$15.00 will be subtracted from the subscription, before the amount to be refunded.



    Orders Placed on Shipment Date
    Jan 1st - Mar 31th 1st week of April
    Apr 1st - Jun 30th 1st week of July
    Jul 1st - Sep 30th 1st week of October
    Oct 1st - Dec 31st 1st week of January


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