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2023 is a milestone year for KEYS100—our 15th running!  As a special “thank you” for your participation this May, at packet pick-up each runner will receive a personal “Ultramarathon Passport”.  In this book—YOUR book--your racing accomplishments will be recorded for posterity!  Simply input a list of all the races you’ve run on the dedicated website,, and you will receive a sticker for each with the specific race logo, the year you ran it and the number of miles or kilometers completed, to place in your Passport.

Here is an example of my personal Passport: 


The “Ultramarathon Passport” was conceived by Cmdr. Mario Lacerda, race director of the Brazil 135 Ultramarathon and a longtime friend of KEYS100.  In this year’s Brazil 135 in January, Mario presented each runner with a “Brazil 135 Passport”.  Please take a moment to view these runners’ reactions to this unique idea:

Video Testimonials

Here is how it will work for KEYS100:

Beginning now, go to KEYS100 Upload Files  menu, to request stickers for the ultramarathon races you have run. We recognize that many of you are new to ultra-running.  So, you may also list the MARATHONS you’ve run and you will receive stickers for those races, too!  AND, you may list the total number of 5Ks, 10Ks and HALF MARATHONS you’ve run.  For each of these shorter distances, you will receive one generic sticker listing the total number of each you’ve raced.

Here at menu, there are two options for uploading your list of races.  First, if you have an UltraSignUp account OR a DUV account, simply click on that button and paste the link of  your race page. Optionally, you may create your own list in any of the following formats and upload it: docx, xls, cvs, pdf or, txt.  Include the following information: Name of race and distance, year you ran it and race website.  Point-to-point races, circuit (fixed time or “Last Man Standing”), multiday (stage race) or ultra-distance relay races all count.  If a relay race or if you did not finish (“DNF”), include the distance you completed in miles or kilometers; they count, too!  BE SURE TO UPLOAD A PHOTO OF YOURSELF.  IT WILL BE PRINTED AS A STICKER FOR YOUR PASSPORT ID PAGE.


If you upload your list of races and photo by the end of the day on May 10, you will receive your stickers at packet pick-up on race weekend.  In Key Largo on Friday, there will be a separate “Ultramarathon Passport Station” for this purpose.  50-milers and 50-kilometer runners may collect theirs when checking-in before your race in Marathon or Big Pine Key, respectively.  If you miss that May 10 cut-off, you may still submit your data.  Your stickers will be mailed to you if you upload your race information and photo by end-of-day on July 31, 2023.  After July 31, you may still obtain stickers through the website, but you will be charged a $5.00 fee to cover the cost of printing and shipping them for you. All stickers are free. 

Final Note: A very limited number of these Passports may be available for you to purchase for your crew or team driver who participated in this 15th KEYS100.  If available, they will cost $25 each, which will include the stickers.

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